Mentor FAQs

What is Mentoring? Mentoring is the presence of a caring responsible adult who, along with the guardian or parent, provides support, motivation, guidance, advice and friendship in order to help a young person succeed.

What can a Mentor do for a young person?  A Mentor can provide support and encouragement. They can be a role model and a friend. They can assist a young person in achieving  their goals in life.

What do I need to do to become a Mentor? First, you must have the desire to help a young person succeed.  If you have the desire, then you may either submit a completed Mentor Application and mail to the Academy or contact a Post-Residential staff person.

How or where can I write my Cadet? You can email a Cadet by sending it to . Make sure to put their full name on the subject line. You may send snail mail to:

North (Preston County):                        South (Fayette County):

 Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy           Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy
Attn: Cadet [full name]                              Attn: Cadet [full name]                   PO Box 586                                              PO Box 177                             Kingwood WV  26537                               Montgomery WV  25136

What happens if I run into a problem with my Mentee? If a problem arises in the relationship, the Mentor is encouraged to discuss the problem with the Cadet. If the problem persists, the Mentor should then contact the RPM Assistant.

What if my help is not wanted? It is not easy for a young person to trust an adult, and it may take a long time to build trust in your relationship. As the Mentor you cannot interpret caution as rejection.  It is very likely the youth may not even know they need your assistance. Patience, time and consistency is the key.