Application Process

Application to Acceptance…

1. Complete and submit the full Cadet Application. Once the Academy has received your application we will contact you. The initial call is very important so if you receive a message from the Academy be sure to return it as soon as possible. During this initial call we will confirm receipt of your application, complete an application review and schedule you for Orientation.

2. Mentor Applications can be submitted separately from the Cadet Application but must be received no later than Opening Day. It is imperative that you take time to find an appropriate volunteer who will be a good role model for the applicant. Mentors must meet Academy guidelines.

3. Attend your scheduled Orientation at the designated location. Attendance of the Applicant and Parent/Legal Guardian is a requirement in the application process but does not mean you have been accepted into the program. The date you are given is very important; please do your best to attend on this day. If scheduling conflicts arrive call the Academy immediately.

At your Orientation you will be given a lot of information to assist you in deciding whether or not you are truly committed to attending and completing the program. You will receive a briefing about the program and what to expect, your photograph and uniform measurements will be obtained, Academy staff will review your application material, you will take a tour of the MCA campus, and participate in acclimation assessments and a personal interview. At the end of the day you will know what information the Academy still needs to process your application. Only those files that are complete (including a mentor application) are eligible to be considered for acceptance into the next class.

4. Your application will be reviewed by Academy staff to assess your eligibility. Be sure that any additional information you are asked to supply the Academy is returned within the designated timeframe. If any problems arise contact your Admissions Counselor immediately.

5. You will be notified by mail of Acceptance or Denial into the program approximately one month prior to the MCA Class start date. Acceptance information will not be given out over the phone; please do not call the Academy unless you have not received a letter two weeks prior to the start date. If you are accepted read through your packet very carefully and take all necessary steps. Begin working on ways to be a successful Candidate. The more prepared you are the more successful you are likely to be.

6. Report on Opening Day. Please be sure to arrive on time. Opening Day is for the Candidate and Parents/Legal Guardian only. Avoid bringing additional family and/or friends. Space is limited. Families will move through a series of stations to make sure the Academy and Candidate have everything they need. Candidates will be given a drug test on Opening Day. You must pass the drug test to stay in the program.

7. Participate in Acclimation. Acclimation is the first two weeks of the Academy and can be very stressful. You will learn the structure and routine of the Academy while working on overcoming home sickness. Acclimation is your time to show the Academy you are committed to the program and you have what it takes to make it to Graduation!