Daffeni Sibley, Graduate Class 2-14

UPDATE:  RCT Sibley wrote a letter to both the Staff and Current Cadets of the MCA from Parris Island.

To the Staff she writes:  “This RCT wanted to thank the MCA Staff for preparing me for Marine Corps Boot Camp.  I miss the MCA and would love to come back but I’m moving on. I would have never made it to Boot Camp if it wasn’t for the amaging Cadre and Staff!”

To the Current Cadets she writes:  “I wanted to tell everyone that MCA can be challenging at times and you feel like it’s never going to end but in the end you will be so accomplished.  Many times while I was a Cadet, I felt like giving up but I didn’t.  If I were to have given up, I would not be at Boot Camp for the Marines right now.  I have faith that each and everyone who is a Cadet now or is going to be a Cadet in the future will complete MCA as long as you never quit.”